Video Review: Queen & David Bowie “Under Pressure”

People bump and brush against each other as they enter or exit the train.

Film clips in black-and-white, feature a monster as it snarls. A young woman puts her hand over her mouth. Another monster swims by the edge of the pool. A wolf opens his mouth.

People walk on the streets close together. A bomb explodes. A rocket explodes as it launches. Buildings all over the world collapse. A bridge breaks into the ocean.

In black-and-white, a man controls his creation.

On Wall Street, people stand in the breadlines. Men pass signs that tell them do not apply for a job.

Police officers push people from the crowd during a riot. A group of people move a barricade. A bus burns.

In black-and-white, a skull bounces in the water. A monster emerges from his coffin. A person tries to hide under a sheet.

People dance at a concert. A twentysomething woman stomps her foot and shakes her head as she listens to the music.

In black-and-white, couples kiss.

People wait in traffic. A crane crunches a car and lifts it. It throws it in another pile. The bomb pieces itself together again.

Rating: 4/5

The deadline is today for her presentation. A young woman rubs her hands as she walks in the cold, running through the speech in her head. She only has one more block to her office with only ten minutes to spare. Her train was running late and she couldn’t read her newspaper. It allows her to prepare for the day. She likes to know what is going on with the world. Without it, she feels out of touch and disoriented. Perhaps on her break.

Her co-workers ask her if she has all the materials. She searches her desk and can’t find the final sheet paper to add to the binder. A co-worker offers to type it really fast. They work together to make copies and put them in the binders. As they finish the final binder, their boss asks them inside the conference room.

She stutters during her speech, missing a few words. However, she was able to bring up her important points. A few of co-workers filled in as needed. Her boss seemed to be pleased. But she won’t find out for another week. If the presentation goes well, it could mean a promotion. Otherwise, she could as get fired.

Back home, she sees the laundry in the hamper and the dishes in the sink. She has a ton of bills to mail out tomorrow. Somehow, it seems like it never gets done. She wants to read or see a movie. On Saturday, though, she goes to a concert with several of friends. The presentation and her chores were forgotten as she danced with her friends.

Director: David Mallett Year: 1981

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