Video Review: Khalid “Better”

Standing next to canary yellow BMW, Khalid says goodnight to his girlfriend in the parking lot. Pausing under the glowing streetlights, she turns around to look at him one more time.

Khalid dances beside the car. The car spins in a circle around him.

His girlfriend looks at him and takes a breath. She puts her finger to her lips.

He sits on the hood the car and then lies down. The car drives away. He continues to dance.

A second car spins around him. A third car is added. Several cars then pass and drive by him.The lights in New York City, New York flicker. The cars back up in reverse and continue to turn in a circle.

He gets into the canary yellow car and drives off.

Rating: 2/5

She’s a beautiful angel. Khalid watches his girlfriend walk back home and almost passes out. It took him a minute to realize he hadn’t taken a breath. His heart races in his chest. He really does love her. It’s real, passionate and stronger than any emotion.

He lies on the car, allowing himself time to process the evening. She had been unreachable to him for years. Although his friends told him she may never talk to him, he had to believe. He had run into her while getting coffee. He had introduced himself but she remembered him. She asked him how he was doing. They sat at a table after getting their order and talked for about an hour. She said she would look him up online.

He checked his multiple social media apps and waited. About a week later, he received a follow request from her and start to chat in direct messages. She agreed to meet up with him. It led to them dating and for a year, she has been his girlfriend.

His friends love her and think she’s a good match for him.  His sister has told him to not to do anything stupid to lose her. He hopes to marry her someday. He once dreamed of owning a garage of luxury cars, a mansion and a string of model girlfriends to go along with it. However, simply having her in his life is enough.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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