Video Review: Olivia Newton-John “Physical”

Olivia Newton-John observes a group of muscled, oiled men work out at the gym. One man uses the ellipitcal. A second man pulls the rings on the Smith machine. A third man jumps rope. She eyes one man’s muscles as he flexes. She lies on the floor while another man stretches.

While she warms up, the muscled men have gained weight. They struggle with the machines. She pushes one man from the Smith machine, causing to him walk backwards and land in the next room. A second man leans over on the treadmill. She walks with him.

In the afternoon, she gives him a massage. She pulls at his legs and smacks his head on the table.

During the class, she leads them to bend and kick. Two men bump their bellies together. One man jumps and slides in the corner, out of breath. She sees the men on the floor and leaves.

She takes a shower. One man imagines himself as thin and with muscles.

She returns to class and sees the men have become bodybuilders. She holds a tennis racket and runs a hand over a man’s back. She leans against a second man’s back. She watches as several men hold hands and leave together. She pulls a man who was gained weight through the door. They walk with their tennis rackets.

Rating: 2/5

Olivia Newton-John chooses several times for another class. Her manager says they’ll be able to work with her schedule and tells her good job. Her manager says people have been requesting her and want to know if she has private classes.

Most of the people in her classes are overweight men trying to get in shape. She tells them they are doing a great job and coaches them to push themselves. Usually the men who are there to ogle her are asked to leave. Some of the men have become her friends. She plays tennis with one of the men and introduced him to his future wife.

The advanced class, which is composed of athletic men, is the toughest for her to get through. She has to remind herself to behave. Sometimes she does a caress an arm or a back while providing a helpful tip. A few have winked at her. Others have given her a kiss. However, there have been no complaints. She’s realized some of the men are gay and hook up after class.

Her mother asks her if she has met anyone yet. She explains there is no one special in any of her classes. Her mother tells her to give one of the men in her beginner classes a chance and reminds her perfection shouldn’t be a goal.

Director: Brian Grant Year: 1981

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