Video Review: AJ Mitchell “Girls”

AJ Mitchell fixes his bowtie, required for his private Catholic school uniform, as he sits on a chair for picture day. He turns to the side and keeps his mouth in a straight line. The camera flashes and he continues to sit.

Two 16-year-olds, wearing their white blouse and plaid skirts, play the guitar and drums by the altar of the church. Mitchell sings in the aisle.

He sits in a pew and taps his chest.

In line, the young woman wait. One young woman wears her cross around her neck. A second young woman flips her long hair off her shoulders. A third young woman takes out her retainer.

The young women raise their hands in class. The nuns sit at their desks. A fourth young woman takes a bite out of an apple. The young women pose for a group shot. They exchange yearbooks and pass notes during class. Two young women play Mary Mack.

A nun lights up a cigarette and smokes. Photographs feature the young women leaning against the walls of the school and listening in class. A group of three young women carry their books as they walk out of the church. Doves fly away from them as they approach. Mitchell sits in class with the young women.

Mitchell continues to sit in the chair.

Rating: 4/5

A young woman gets called out of class. The nun comments as she leaves that the girls need to pay more attention to the signs on the school. AJ Mitchell bites his lip and slumps in his seat. Above the sophomore class lockers a sign reads that “the more you act like a lady, the more he’ll act like a gentleman.”

Mitchell had slipped his hand on the young woman’s waist before class. She had giggled into his shoulder. He had cupped her chin with his hand and kissed her. It was likely the kiss that got into her trouble even though he was the one to initiate it. He raises his hand and asks for the hall pass. The nun gives it to him and skips class for the rest of the day. He is the star athlete on their basketball team. The nun won’t say a word.

The principal of the school tells the young woman that her behavior was inappropriate and unbecoming. God is disappointed that she has strayed from her faith. He continues by saying her lustful feelings are a sin and she must pray to be whole again. He punishes her with after school detention.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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