Video Review: Diana King “Say A Little Prayer”

From the 1997 film, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Julianne (Julia Roberts) answers the phone in bedroom and talks with her best friend, Michael (Dermot Mulroney). He tells her he’s getting married. She falls on the floor.

Diana King lies on her bed.

In a clip, Julianne and Michael meet Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) at the airport. Kimmy hugs Julianne.

King wears a red dress and pushes up her breasts. She tries on a yellow dress with thick vertical stripes. She decides on a striped dress and sits on the couch. inside her room.

Julianne exhales as she smokes a cigar.

King walks down a narrow hallway decorated with floral wallpaper.

Julianne and Michael laugh at a joke. Julianne runs into the rehearsal dinner and falls down. Julianne and George  (Rupert Everett) talk in the cab while Michael sits next to them. Kimmy puts her arm around Michael at dinner. Julianne kisses Michael.

King sips tea.

Kimmy sees the kiss and runs away. Michael chases after her.

King holds a bouquet.

Julianne wipes away a tear as she dances with Michael.

King takes off her ring.

Julianne tries on the ring. Julianne and Michael eat fast food on the steps. Julianne smiles at the wedding. Kimmy and Michael smile one another at the altar. Kimmy hugs Julianne at the rehearsal dinner.

King picks up the bride and groom wedding topper and licks the frosting off of it.

Julianne tells him to get out of her room as she gets dressed. She calls out “Michael” in the meadow. A relative comments that the woman “is the maid of honor.”

King gets up and peeks from her box in the middle of the field.

Rating: 2/5

Diana King cringes as she watches Julianne flirt with Michael. She nudges her co-worker and friend. Her friend says that Julianne had come into work, her eyes puffy and red. She figured it had to do with Michael. King says she needs to leave Michael alone. He’s happy and besides George likes her.

George passes by them and says hello. He asks them if are drunk yet. King holds up her glass and answers only a few more shots to go. She whispers to George if he has asked Julianne out yet. She adds they make a great couple. George tilts his head and says he would like to but she’s still getting over Michael. One of Julianne co-worker’s tells him they will put in a good word for him once they return home.

King says she’s glad she’s only dating around and not serious with anyone. She doesn’t want to deal with the drama of a jealous friend or ex. Her friend says there has been a cute guy checking her out all night. King sighs and rolls her eyes. She says she’s waiting for the cake.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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