Video Review: Amanda “Everybody Doesn’t”

Amanda, wearing a white one-shoulder top and hip-hugger jeans, walks out of her apartment building. She checks out a young man fixing his car. He bumps his head on the hood of his car and then watches Amanda continue to walk. A second guy tips his sunglasses to his nose, enjoying her dance as she passes the street vendors.

Wearing a lavender jacket in the fall, she changes around the pieces of a chessboard as people play. Snow falls on the sidewalk as she puts on her hat. She crosses the street and grabs a scarf from another vendor. She opens her umbrella during a thunderstorm in the spring. She glances at a store window as she passes a construction zone in the street. After closing the umbrella, she throws it in the trash can. Her best friends wait for her to come home and they walk upstairs to her apartment.

A guy friend of hers climbs the fire escape. Wearing a red tank top and jeans, she and her friends have a rooftop party at night.

Rating: 2/5

Amanda pours dressing over her salad and continues to tell her friends about a date with a senior she had. She warns them to stay away from him. She says that while in the car, he tried putting his hand up her shirt. She had to move his hand away. He said she was beautiful and kissed her again. She asked him to take her home. However, she had him drop her off at a restaurant and her sister picked her up. She shudders after she puts a roll on her plate.

Her best friend says he doesn’t seem the type. Amanda asks anyone if they had heard any rumors. Some of the junior and senior girls have been glaring at her in the halls. She’s worried they might start a fight with her. Her friends shake their heads. She says she wish she hadn’t gone out with him.

Her best friend says they’ll go to Homecoming together this year. They’ll rent a limousine and make it a girls’ night. Amanda tells her it’s okay. Her best friend pats her hand and says her boyfriend wouldn’t mind. Amanda tells her maybe she’ll skip it. She really isn’t up for it. Her second best friend says they are here for her if she wants to talk and adds she’ll ask her older sister if she’s heard anything. Amanda tells them thank you and gives them hugs.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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