Video Review: Backstreet Boys “Chances”

A young woman runs down the stairs of a California train station. She helps a thirtysomething woman pick up the contents of her purse. A young man waits for the door open and glances over to see the young woman. The train passes him by as he smiles.

Brian leans against a column and walks on the platform. Nick stares off at the distance while the young woman reads the information screen. On the opposite side, the young man scans the screen.

Nick finds a seat on the train. Brian wanders the aisle. As people speed by, AJ leans against a column.

As the young man waits for his shoes to be shined, he sees the young woman walk by. He leaves the chair and follows behind her. He sits across from her in the lobby. She looks up from her book and smiles at him. He smiles back at her.

AJ, Nick, Howie. Brian and Kevin walk around the train station together. They sit in the lobby behind the young man. AJ rides the escalator and sits on the train. Kevin sits in the lobby by himself.

She drops her book and he picks it up for her. He takes her by the hand and they begin to dance.

In the lobby, they sit across one another. She tries to stay awake while he texts on his phone.

Rating: 4/5

Anyone else would’ve walked away from the thirtysomething woman and stepped over her things. The young woman gathered the change and found the crumbled papers. She handed them over to the thirtysomething woman who thanked her over and over. The young man let his train go by. He could always catch another one. He may never see the young woman again.

He finally sees her in the lobby and sits by her. He notices she’s reading a classic book. He thinks of several classic novels he’s read and quickly skims the summaries online. She glances at him and smiles at him. He grins at her. She knocks the book out of her lap as she tries to get something out of her bag. He picks it up for her and says he’s always wanted to read the book. She responds that she reads it at least once a year.

They talk about their favorite books. He brings up his love of comedies and she says she watched every single Reese Witherspoon romantic movie. He says Reese Witherspoon is his celebrity crush. She laughs and says didn’t like her when she was younger for taking Ryan Phillipe away from her. He asks her to lunch and they continue to talk.

As they walk on the train together, he says he’s glad he met and they plan a date later in the week. A year to the day they met, he married her. They stopped at the train station and took photos with the wedding party.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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