Video Review: Why Don’t We “8 Letters”

Jonah sits in a chair in a forest. Rocks are suspended in the air.  He explores the forest.

Sunlight streams through the windows of a church as Zach faces the altar. Sheet music hangs above the pews.

Jack sits on the couch in his room with pieces of glass scattered in the air.

Smoke billows on the floor of a white room as Corbyn sings.  The glass breaks in Jack’s room. Jonah sees a bird and follows it through the forest.

Lasers crisscross against Daniel in a black room. Zach beats his chest as he taps his chest while the sheet music flies in the air. In the night, Jonah touches a glowing nest and he covers his eyes as its contents swarm him. He walks toward the white light in the tree. The bird flies away and he watches a flower blossom. Corbyn, Jack, Daniel and Zack stand next to Jonah in the forest.

Rating: 2/5

Jonah has viewed some of the great architecture. It didn’t move him. Zach struggles to keep his faith. He sings in the church but the hymns have little meaning. Jack tears up his room after dealing with another failure.

Jonah decides to stay in the forest to try to feel something again. He picks through the limbs of the trees and of the rocks. A bird, with its luminescent wings, sings to him, and signals for him to follow. He reaches to touch the bird. It seems to be made of magic. However, the bird turns and glares at him. It had to be human at some point.

He feels the nest of the bird and it nearly hurls him across the forest. Somehow the nest seemed to contain all the things people couldn’t explain. It held the secrets of the world. As he walked towards the light, the flower bloomed in its fully realized image.

Zach appears to him, saying he believes again. Jack tells him he can change his life. Jonah points to the flower and says nature can correct what’s wrong. There is another second chance.

Director: Eli Sokhn Year: 2018

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