Video Review: Bananarama “More Than Physical”

A young man’s bare chest glistens with sweat. A second young man dances against a lavender tinted paint splattered background. Sara dances. Siobhan grins with approval as the bare-chested men continue to dance.

Sara, Keren and Siobhan perform together against the paint splattered background.

Sara dances against a wall with draped with a white sheet. Keren dances against a black background. Siobhan dances against a lapis splattered painted background.

In a lavender tinted film strip, Keren, Sara and Siobhan perform. Crimson light flashes as Siobhan dances. Within the film strip, the red and blue blurs as they continue to sing.

Lit in blue, Sara tilts her head back as she dances with a shirtless man. They continue to dance.

Rating: 2/5

Keren squeezes her boyfriend’s bicep. He leans in to kiss her. She throws her arms around him. They make out in the corner while her friends talk. He says he has to go. He picked up a late shift. She gives him another kiss and says she’ll come over later.

Her friend says he’s hot and comments the sex must be great. Keren shrugs and says the passion is there. However, he tells her what’s on his mind and they trust each other. Her friend says he’s a keeper. Keren says she hopes so. She says people only see his good looks. They either stereotype him as dumb or a jerk. She says he’s neither. She remarks that he was intimidated by her. Most people don’t believe whenever she says he’s going to school to become a doctor.

Sara adds everyone thinks her relationship with a boyfriend is a fling. They keep giving her surprised looks whenever she mentions she’s still with him. She says she knows his family and has attended multiple holidays over the few years. Sara says she has no reason to leave him. He’s kind to her.

Siobhan, though, was caught off guard by the handsome man who asked her out. She turned him down flat, stating he wasn’t her type. He continued to talk to her and she was won over. No one thinks they will work out. However, they have a lot in common and are planning to move in together soon.

Director: Peter Care Year: 1986

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