Video Review: Bazzi “Dreams”

Bazzi falls backwards in the sky, the twinkling stars illuminating the night with a lapis glow. Sea-green clouds split in pieces as he tears through them.

He lands in a forest. He looks up at the early morning sun and takes a seat at the table. The centerpiece, a clock, ticks as it sits on the table. He views a young woman standing by a tree and watches as she opens an aqua door. He follows her and walks into the door.

He enters a doll house. She reaches to pick him up and he covers his eyes. As he blinks his eyes, he sees her standing in the street of a suburban neighborhood. As he tries to touch her shoulder, she grows smaller in the distance.

He falls backwards into the sky again.

Rating: 4/5

Bazzi sits up in bed and wiggles his toes on the sheet. He’s on solid ground. His girlfriend murmurs next to him and asks him if he’s okay. He says he had a cramp in his leg and walks to the bathroom.

As he brushes his teeth, he thinks of the young woman in his dream. It’s the third time she’s appeared. They never spoke. She usually was the leader, though, trying to show him something. He believed she wanted to a relationship with him. However, time had stolen the chance from them. She was a part of his life. As he examined the rooms of the dollhouse, he saw them kissing by the counter and petting their dog in front of the television. It was her choice, though.

In the bedroom, her girlfriend calls out she’s going to make breakfast and asks what he wants. He says toast is fine. She says she’s going make him some eggs, too.

He checks his phone. No answer from his text to the young woman. It was a simple “hello, how are you?” He had to know. He scrolls through his social media feed. Her feed is silent.

His girlfriend shouts to him to hurry up, breakfast is ready. He walks down the stairs and glances at the door as he heads into the kitchen.

Director: MIGGY Year: 2018

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