Video Review: The Escape Club “Wild Wild West”

Against a blue background, a man fires a gun.

In a bedroom, Milan looks at the window as he plays the drums. Johnnie and John play their guitars on the bed. Trevor sings next to a pair of arms adding percussion. The feet of the body tap on the floor.

On a stage, with a white background, the band continues to play with the two stretched out limbs. Three pairs of arms snap their fingers by Milan. A woman’s limbs, wearing fishnet stockings and high heels, move along to the music. The woman’s hand rubs Trevor’s leg. A male pair of arms firs a gun again. Trevor, Milan, John and Johnnie play the trombone.

In the bedroom, a male pair of arms hold the American flag. Trevor pops into the frame. The woman removes her fishnets.

On stage, a pair of male hands holds the American flag over the band. Several pairs of arms sway as John plays the guitar. Trevor takes the fishnets out of the woman’s hand. The arms sway over the band members. Johnnie stands next to a praying man snapping his fingers. The arms point their finger guns.

Rating: 0/5

In the United States, people blend together. There is no individuality. Everyone listens to the same music and follows the trends. The men are obsessed with their guns while the women are focused on being sexy. People shoot off their weapons, using it for sport or to let off steam at the range. It’s the America they love,

The version of the American they envision is still at its infancy. Nonetheless, it picks up on Ronald Reagan’s influence on U.S. politics. According to the Reaganlibrary, gov, he favored supply-side economics or “trickle down.” It was enacted in 1981. Although, America had chosen a celebrity as their leader, there was some common sense and heart within the decision.

In 2018, though, their fantasy of America exists and it’s in a constant state of chaos. There’s fear that rights may be taken away. Shootings are almost a weekly occurence, which the news forgets soon after. It’s a nation that prefers its guns over the safety of its people.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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