Video Review: Jermaine Stewart “Jody”

A young woman holds onto the streetlight as she dances in the violet glow of the night. She bends her back at a window.

Lit in lapis. Jermaine Stewart dances in the living room of his home.

Lit in black-and-white, several women dance by the bars. One woman hangs her leg over the bar.

The women dance behind the window of his home. A young woman and man join Stewart in his dance routine. Stewart spins by the columns, passing some young women along the way, shaking their hips.

The first young woman leans against the doorway and continues to dance. She walks towards Stewart in his living room and in the lavender glow. He glances over his shoulder and shrugs.

Rating: 2/5

In high heels and a designer dress, Jody walks to the hostess stand of the restaurant. Jermaine Stewart watches as the young man behind checks her out. The hostess almost drops her pen and holds her menu close to heart as she talks with her. Two men stop mid-bite and stare at her as she walks towards his table.

Jody hugs him and says she’s glad they were able to finally get together. The two men glare at him. The hostess exhales and says their server will be at the table shortly. Jody compliments the hostess on her bracelet. The hostess’ face lights up and she says thank you.

He knows what she’ll order: spaghetti with meatballs, a side salad with bleu cheese (no onions) and a slice of cherry pie. It’s her favorite dinner. Although she seemed to be unpredictable to outsiders, she preferred the daily structure of a routine. She had been friends with him for a long time and had told him he both knew the myth and the reality. Once people realized she liked the quiet and wanted to talk, they distanced themselves from her. As she told him, the glamour was an illusion but they didn’t believe her.

He takes out his wallet and she says she’ll pay. It’s not her turn this week, she says, but he’s her oldest friend and she wants to have a special day with him. He knew better than to protest. She suggests seeing the Baby Grand. Asking won’t give him an answer. He’ll find out once they get there. She pays their check and says it’s time to go.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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