Video Review: Climie Fisher “Love Changes (Everything)”

Filmed through a sepia filter, Simon sits inside the train. Simon and Rob, shirtless, jump inside the carriage. As the train rolls by, a little boy plays the drums. A young man plays guitar while a young woman leans against the wall of the carriage.

At the station, Simon taps his foot. A second young woman watches him from another train. He watches her through the wooden boards. Another young man holds her.

Two women dance at the saloon. The second young woman passes through Simon and Rob’s carriage. From the corner of her eye, she watches people sing and play their instruments. She returns back to her train.

The second young woman stares off into the distance as a little girl talks with a second young man.

Simon dances with the two women at the saloon while the young man plays the guitar. The second young woman dances with the two women while in her carriage. She holds the sleeping little girl in her arms.

A twentysomething man pulls the little boy close to him as they sit in the carriage. The two women dance inside the train. The little girl waves to the second young man as she holds the second young woman’s hand.

Simon holds the little girl as the young woman dances off the carriage. They walk together in the frontier town.

Rating: 2.5/5

Simon passed through another ghost town. The wooden door hung on its latches as he entered the bar. He searched behind the counter for a few glasses and discovered some beer. The second young woman, a former dancer, told him there was some food in the diner across the street. He taps Rob on the shoulder and they follow her.

In the diner, the people traveling trains doled out rations of the food in the diner. A father tells the second young woman he has a found a town for them to live. He says they would have to get there on foot. The second young woman tells him she prefers not to take the risk. It may be a dead end.

Simon turns around in the booth and mentions it’s a trap. He adds he was grateful to have found a running train after being in a rundown town. The people left behind in the towns were willing to shoot to kill to maintain their control over the land. The second young woman smiles at him.

As they wait to board the train, she says she’s going stay with him. She says, however, the little girl has to go with her. She had found the little girl by herself in a town weeks back and doesn’t trust her with the second young woman. Simon says he’ll be happy to take care of the little girl.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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