Video Review: Kyle & Alessia Cara “Babies”

Kyle and his girlfriend. argue in the hallway of the apartment building. She leaves and he opens the door to a white light.

The rating is stated in the corner of the television as the title “Babies” in bubbled letters appears on the screen. A butterfly flies to Kyle. In the paper-mache world, he sets down his picnic basket on the ground. He drinks from an oversized bottle and eats a gigantic hamburger, with animated mustard dripping off of it. He shoots an arrow.

The arrow lands in his new girlfriend’s hair as she smiles in her home. She waves. An animated tear falls down on her cheek. She and Kyle watch television. He turns up the volume.

Kyle and Alessia Cara sit at their computers as they work at Heartbreak Hotline. The commercial advertises a free love reading. Cara listens to customers while Kyle chats on his cellphone.

He steps on a Love Blows cake.

The commercial states that the Kyle and Sierra cost only $19.95. Cars and other accessories are sold separately. It mentions, for legal reasons, true love “is not guaranteed.”

Kyle drives a red sports car with Cara in the passenger side. Cara tries to get Kyle to work at the hotline.

Wearing angel wings, Cara flies in the sky. Kyle and Sierra ride a love bomb.

Kyle changes the channel. The news station reports that Gyalzilla is destroying buildings in Toronto, Canada. On television, Kyle runs in front of Gyalzilla.

In the hospital, an animated trickle of sweat runs on Kyle’s forehead. Sierra, his nurse, prepares the needle and cuts into his body. She takes out his heart. Kyle and Sierra nosedive as they ride the bomb. Kyle’s eyes blink as he dreams again.

Kyle and his girlfriend hug in the hallway.

Rating: 3/5

“Babies” was an unexpected cult hit. Media critics praised the program, calling the unusual premise a subversive take on millennial love. In the pilot, Kyle and his girlfriend live in a sketchy neighborhood. It’s all they can afford, though. Both are underemployed. Kyle works several jobs, one of which is a hotline operator. At the hotline, he works with an angel, Alessia Cara. He and Cara did not get along with one another at first. Cara spent most of her shift asking Kyle to get off his phone and do his job. Kyle, though, tries telling her that their boss won’t care. It’s not like heaven where kindness and hard work is rewarded.

Shifting between reality and the paper-mache children’s world, Kyle falls in love with Sierra. In the alternate universe, considered a mix of nostalgia and child-like wonder, they watch cartoons. His ex-girlfriend appears as a monstrous villain by the finale. After his ex-girlfriend, he must decide if he wants to stay in the alternate universe or return home. On social media, most people believed he should return home and try to work things out with his girlfriend.

The Kyle and Sierra dolls sold out on the website as the show’s popularity grew. Cara’s turn as an angel earned her an Emmy nomination. Cara’s broken naiveté as she realized she was helpless despite her powers won over viewers. The show was picked up for a second and third season to the fans’ surprise. Cancellation seemed to be imminent, given the low viewership. However, the writers thanked the fans for helping to keep the show around.

Director: Christo Year: 2018

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