Video Review: Daughtry “It’s Not Over”

A young man lies awake in bed, staring at the ceiling. Her girlfriend glances over at him.

A police officer takes off the handcuffs and gives him a bag of his things. He opens his wallet and looks at a key. His girlfriend waits for him in the parking lot.

Daughtry perform in the Surrogate’s Courthouse in New York City, New York.

She kisses him once he enters the car. He watches the cross dangle as she drives back home. They hold hands. He asks her to stop. She thinks of being pregnant and receiving the phone call that he was arrested. He returns back with a stuffed bunny.

Inside the house, he gives his daughter the stuffed bunny and she hugs him.

He puts his hand on his forehead as he walks in the city in the afternoon. He asks the manager of a store if a job is available. She shakes her head no. He passes by Carter’s Jewelers and stares at the rings through the window. At an auto repair shop, he takes off the “help wanted” sign and asks to speak to the owner. The owner shakes his hand.

An employee of Carter’s Jewelry notices him eyeing the rings he passes by. He covers his face. At home, he sleeps with his wife and continues to work at the auto repair shop. She checks her watch and digs her nails into her legs. She picks up the phone to make a call. He walks into Carter’s Jewelers. His wife waits for him by the window.

On the steps of their home, he gets down on one knee and opens the jewelry box. She hugs him.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young man reports to his parole officer and tells him he hasn’t been able to find a job. He’s walked back and forth through the city and no one is hiring. The parole officer advises him to take whatever he can get. He fills out applications to local stores and walks into local businesses. His girlfriend helps him with his suit in the morning and drives him 2 hours to a career fair.

He has gone on two interviews. He walks around the local businesses again and sees the owner of an auto repair shop. He explains he’s a hard worker and has a family to feed. The owner offers him a job, telling him everyone needs a second chance.

However, the money is only enough for them to scrape by. His girlfriend says she’ll find a second job. However, he tells her someone needs to stay home with their little girl. He assures they’ll figure something out. As he passes by the jewelry store, he eyes the clerk as he opens the display case. He notes where the clerk puts the key and watches the lights go out every night at 9:15 p.m. A friend of his suggests they can get a plan together. He turns them down.

He works late every day for year and a half and takes little vacation time. He picks up overtime whenever he can. At the end of a shift, he heads to the jewelry store and chooses a ring. He pays for it on his credit card and returns home. She has stuck by his side. Although he knows he worries her, he realizes she has every right to be cautious. He wants their relationship to be official and for his daughter to know her father won’t ever leave her again.

Directors: Dean Karr and Jay Martin Year: 2006

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