Video Review: Sabrina Carpenter “Sue Me”

Sabrina Carpenter lies on her dorm room, eating ice cream in bed. Pictures of her ex-boyfriend adorn her table. Her dog eats his breakfast. Her best friends try to get her out of bed. Her male best friend hands her mirror and she rolls her eyes. He pulls the sheet from underneath her. They help her pick an outfit.

She walks down the steps of the campus. Two guys help her down the stairs. Her best friend gives a purse.

At the pool, her best friends film her as she dances in the water.

Flipping her hair, she walks into her class late and finds a seat.

She hangs out at the library.

In a courtroom, she states her case  She sits on the judge’s desk and bangs the gavel. The judge shrugs.

Rating: 4/5

Sabrina Carpenter tells the press her client, a sexual assault victim, has receiving death threats for speaking out. Her client won’t back down. A reporter asks about some contradicting testimony from the client’s best friend. Carpenter says her client deserves justice.

In the car, she asks the young woman how she’s doing. Her client’s eyes, rimmed with black circles, says she’s been better. She wants it to be all over. Carpenter hugs her and says she only needs to hang on another week or so. The car drops her client off at her hotel. Carpenter sits, reading over notes, adding questions for the cross-examination tomorrow. The case had gained national attention. If she won, it would redefine the sexual assault laws.

It was a broken heart that led her to law school. She almost failed her last semester of college and had packed her bags to go home. She wasn’t capable of maintaining a relationship let alone becoming a history teacher. Her friends suggested she take her LSATS. They helped her study and kept her from falling apart.

After law school, she worked at a firm for a while but then opened her practice. She had gained a reputation for taking on risky cases and then winning them. She wanted to help those no one believed or ever gave a chance.

She receives a call from the judge. The jury has made their decision. She tells her client and they sit in the courtroom. She exhales as the foreman stands before the judge. As he reads the guilty verdict, she puts her arm around her client and told her she was proud of her.

Director: Lauren Dunn Year: 2018

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