Video Review: Changing Faces “G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.”

Keys lie on the floor of an empty apartment. Cassandra rests her head on her knees while sitting on the stairs. Cassandra and Charisse sit on the windowsill.

Charisse looks through a scrapbook. A young man stares at Cassandra while he stands by the door.

In a split screen, Charisse holds the young woman while Cassandra flips through the scrapbook in right square. A letter fills the bottom of the screen. In a second split screen, the letter sits on the table while a coffee cup is in the right square.

Charisse gets up from the windowsill and stands by the bicycle.

In a split screen, the young man walks while Charisse sits at the windowsill to the right. On the left, Charisse hold the young man’s hand while a letter and a photo of Changing Faces is on the right.

The alarm clock says it’s 4:15 p.m. A telephone sits on the table. Charisse and Cassandra have a pillow fight on the couch. Charisse takes a photo of Cassandra as she continues to look through the scrapbook.

In a split screen, Charisse rides the bicycle around the apartment while in the bottom left square, a teacup sits on the table. It rotates to a fish bowl and the young woman.

Charisse and Cassandra sing together by the bicycle. Wearing their coats, they walk down the stairs.

Rating: 3/5

Cassandra looks through a scrapbook from her last relationship. She doesn’t want to throw it away. On one of the pages, she pressed the first rose he ever gave her. There were pictures from vacations and the holidays. But it was time to start over. Charisse suggested moving into an apartment together. It would be a fresh start and as Charisse had mentioned, they had planned to be roommates at one time before men got involved.

Charisse had packed up her bags and left one day. She had wanted a fresh start. She and her boyfriend hadn’t been getting along. He usually spent his nights with someone else. She had a few ideas of who they could be. They had been getting a lot of hang up calls. After a string of calls. she found her suitcase and called her sister to let her know she was coming over.

Cassandra envied Charisse’s strength. Charisse could leave and it didn’t bother her. However, she has been trying to adjust to living with her best friend. Cassandra looked out the window often during the weekend. She had no desire to go out. Charisse had taken her hand and told her it was time for them to have fun after all the heartbreak they had gone through lately. Charisse helped her find a dress and they headed for the club.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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