Video Review: Florida Georgia Line “Talk You Out of It”

Tyler walks towards the aqua blue lasers. Snow falls inside the square A vine hangs on the lasers.

Tyler’s wife fixes the strap of her dress in the mirror. He hugs her.

Lit in orange, Brian and his wife circle one another. They hold one another.

Tyler’s wife stands by in flowering vines inside the enclosure. Brian’s wife sits in the bathtub. Brian sits by wife by the bathtub.

Tyler’s wife rubs his bare shoulders as they stand in the shower.

Tyler and Brian face stand in the glass square and look at their reflections.

Rating: 1/5

Tyler walks into the family room and says their child is finally sleeping. His wife grins and they head for the shower. It’s been a few weeks. He tries to make time when he can. However, she’s usually exhausted by the end of the day and he’s wired after working for most of the night. Sometimes they schedule it between their television shows and their child’s naptime. They squeeze time in for each other whenever they can.

Brian kisses his wife on her cheek and winks at her. His wife to ask the nanny to watch their baby for a few hours. They make out as they walk to the bedroom. In bed, Brian mentions they should stay a hotel for a weekend. It’ll be just for themselves. His wife says runs her hand over his chest and says she would like it. They can’t keep their hands off each other. Even the nanny knows the signals and ushers their child out of the room.

While in a meeting with their manager, Brian asks if he can bring his family with him for a month or two. After being home with his wife for nearly a year, he realized how much he misses her. Tyler folds his hands together into a fist and says his wife has been requesting some extra time. Their manager says he can arrange it. Brian walks out of the conference room and calls his wife with the news. Tyler texts one of his best friends as he slumps in the chair.

Director: Justin Clough Year: 2018

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