Video Review: Kelsea Ballerini “Miss Me More”

Kelsea Ballerini stretches on a bench in the locker room. She washes her bloodied hands underneath the sink.

In the ring, she spars with another person in the gym. She bandages her bloodied hand. Wearing her gloves, she hits the punching bag and the speed bag.

She waits in the ring for her opponent match. Looking up, she sees a version of herself with her up in a messy room. The second version of herself hits her in the jaw and she holds the gloves up to her face. Ballerini is able to get a jab to the second version of herself. However, the second version herself corners her and taunts as she tries to catch her breath by the ropes.

Ballerini gets up and hits the second version of herself in the nose. She swings away from several hits and screams as she knocks the second version of herself out. Ballerini leaves the ring.

Rating: 3/5

Kelsea Ballerini winces as the water stings her hand. Sitting on the bench, she unrolls the bandage and stares at the cuts in her hand. It throbs but she knows she’ll be okay. In the past 6 months, she has gone through much worse. Her boyfriend of 5 years left her, saying he had outgrown their relationship. He would resent her if he stayed any longer.

Multiple baseball games. Watching his favorite movie every time it was on television. Going to eat at the same restaurant every weekend. Her suggestions were dismissed. Any developing interests of hers were mocked and som longtime friendships ended over his opinion of them.

Each punch into the speed bag allowed her to let her go and get part of herself back. It made her whole again. Her trainer asked her if she wanted to fight in a competitive match. She told him no. Her workout quieted her thoughts and gave her focus. She wanted to skydive and travel for the summer. She came across a cooking class and had already signed up for it. Boxing was simply for her.

Director: Shane Drake Year: 2018

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