Video Review: Toad the Wet Sprocket “All I Want”

Two male dancers open a large box on stage. A broken statue rotates. Glen spins on a black platform. He opens his hand over a lit lightbulb. A young man and woman dance on stage.

A man turns on the lights on stage. Toad the Wet Sprocket plays on stage. A male dancer pulls the sail of a boat.A young woman stands by herself. A mechanical gear turns.

Glen takes a bow and the two male dancers close the large box.

Rating: 3/5

Glen warms up his voice before the show. One of the female dancers tells him a few critics are in the auditorium. Glen stares into the mirror and takes a deep breath. It’s his first major role. The original story about a young man struggling with expressing himself was written by a well-known local author.

He was one of the fortunate ones who survived the workshop. The local author had omitted a subplot which delayed production for almost a year. Some people had to quit and found work in other shows. However, he believed in the show. The local author had pulled him aside and said it was he was embodying her character.

Weeks leading up to the show, he saw a column or two in the newspaper. He had done an interview with a reporter regarding his part. His name was finally was in print. Over the past couple of years, he had been taking parts in local community theater groups and trying to break out. The play may be his chance.

The production assistant announces to everyone in backstage that it’s 10 minutes to curtain. One good review is all he needs. He pats his face with some makeup and walks on stage.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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