Video Review: Kenny Loggins “I’m Free (Heaven Helps The Man)”

Two police officers move the large flashlight back and forth as they search for a prisoner (Kenny Loggins). Two more police officers walk the grounds. Loggins runs and hides by the side of the building as they walk past him. A police dog barks as a fourth police officer walks by.

Loggins runs by the fence and cuts it. He finds a car parked in the street and hotwires it. He ducks while a police car drives by. As he drives, he looks at picture of his girlfriend (Virginia Madsen). He stops in an alley and a group of people approach him. They push him and taunt him. He hands them the photo of his girlfriend. A young man nods. The group of people leave him alone.

At the jail, the police officers are running around.

He crawls through his girlfriend’s window and watches her sleep. He puts his hand on her cheek, waking her up. She hugs him and then walks down the fire escape. They run on the overpass together. In her bedroom, her father reads the letter she wrote and crumples it up.

While they walk in the city, he pulls her towards the movie theater, which is showing Footloose. The police find them and they run towards an elevator. The police climb the stairs. She cries on the rooftop of the building. Her parents call for her. The group of people in the alley rush through the barricades. They take the police officers’ guns and beat them. The young man leaps and calls for Loggins and the young woman to follow him. They jump to the sidewalk. The young man directs them to a safe place.

Rating: 5/5

Kenny Loggins finishes his shift at the restaurant. One of the servers tells him someone is asking for him up front. He freezes and asks her if the person gave her a name. She shrugs and says it’s an old friend. He knew it was going to happen sometime. He and his wife couldn’t live on the run forever. He cleans off his hands and walks to the counter.

It was the man in glasses. His hair was tinted by gray and some wrinkles were around his eyes. The man said it was good to see him. Loggins asked him how he was. He responded his wife had another child on the way. He added he was in some trouble and wasn’t going to stay long. Loggins nods and tells him to have a nice night. While the man leaves, he calls up his wife at the payphone and asks her to pick him after work. She says she’ll get their things together.

He hadn’t seen the man in years. The last time was in New Mexico. His wife had been working at a flower shop when the man ordered a bouquet. The man had met them at their apartment and drove them out of state. Loggins had no idea where they were going. She often asked about her parents on the drive. The man left his answers vague. Loggins knew she missed her family. However, it wasn’t possible. She would be sent to prison if she returned home.

As they drove with the man, his wife said she found out she was pregnant and asks him if there was any other way. The man said no. He was taking them to the airport. They were heading to Europe to start over. There was no else to go.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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