Video Review: Zara Larsson “Ruin My Life (Version 1)”

Zara Larsson, wearing a canary yellow Boudoir by D’Lish dressing gown with an Araks bikini underneath, walks by the glass window.

In a rusted golden gown, she carries two plates pancakes to the dining table. The webcam captures the footage.

She flips through the channels on the couch, wearing a Myla Emboidered bra and Elsie and Fred glitter trousers.

Lying on an aqua blanket, she rotates on her bed. She films herself with a video camera.

At the dining table, she stares into the webcam. She crawls on the table and looks further into the camera.

She picks up a golf club in the family room and puts it around her shoulders as she walks into the backyard.

Lit in a fuchsia square, she hugs a male mannequin. Two fuchsia squares of mannequins are next to her. She opens two glass doors and dances inside the store in a Elsie and Fred playsuit.

Wearing a Sies Marjan trench coat and skirt, and Chantal Thomas bra and panties, she watches the stacked televisions against the wall. Each television shows her.

Her ex-boyfriend watches her on his phone. She leans against the bathtub, in the Elsie and Fred playsuit. Her ex-boyfriend drives in the city. She dances by a car, wearing a teal tube top and pants.  She puts her hand over the camera.

Rating: 2.5/5

Zara Larsson walks down the winding stairs of her home, she views the second floor from the railing. She should contact a realtor. Without her boyfriend living with her, she can’t justify the space anymore. A penthouse apartment would be suitable for her. She’s usually back and forth now. Since the breakup, she has wanted to stay home.

She receives a notification that her webcam is down. She quickly troubleshoots it and gets it back up again. Her ex-boyfriend may be watching, curious about her state of mind. She knows he’s wondering. While eating breakfast alone, she looks straight into the camera, willing him to feel her misery.

Her ex-boyfriend hasn’t been able to stop the webcam. Wearing the gown during breakfast concerned him. She seems on edge, as though she’s going to break at any moment. He sees her crawl on the table, her gaze pierces through him. He has to see her.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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