Video Review: Cheat Codes “Home”

A young woman, wearing a denim jacket and jeans, surveys her outfit in the mirror. In the backyard, Trevor Dahl sits on the lounge chair. She reads on her tablet next to him. He smokes his cigarette and she turns to smile at him as he films her. They sit in the empty pool, arms around each other.

They take a walk in the neighborhood.

Lit in red, they play croquet in the family room. They kiss.

In the convenience store, they hold hand in the aisle and pick out a bottle of beer.

Lit in red, they stand by wall. She bumps into him and then laughs as she pushes him away.

Wearing a bear head, she sings into her toothbrush as she dances into the bedroom.

Lit in orange, he kisses her in the hallway. They make out in bed. As he plays piano, she gives him the beer bottle to drink from as she dances. She takes a swig and massages his shoulders. She walks down the hallway.

She looks out the windows during the day. While sitting near the pool, they sit opposite one another.

Lit in orange, she cries as she faces the wall. He puts her arm around her and she pushes him away. In the car, she yells at him while she looks at her phone.

Back in orange, he warms a piece of pie in the microwave. She flicks a vegetable from a television dinner and throws it against the wall.

Doors shut all over the house. She carries her clothes in her arms, drops them in the driveway and picks them up. She gets into her car and leaves. Dahl leans against the door inside his home.

Rating: 3/5

Trevor Dahl wrote a note on the sheet music and flinched as the door slammed. He calls out “hi honey!” and she answers “yeah, whatever.” The stereo system turns on in the family room. He takes it the audition for the commercial didn’t go well.

In the kitchen, he gets two beers and sits with her on the couch. He puts his hand on her arm and she shrugs it off. She says she wants to listen to the music and doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells her okay and sips on his beer as he sits with her. He asks her if she wants something to eat. She shakes her head no and says she was invited to an industry party. He raises his eyebrows and wants to know where. She puts on her jacket and says it’s in Malibu.

Since moving to California, she’s attended various parties, hoping for a contact or an agent.  Once she returns home, though, she’s passed out on the couch. In her pocket of her jacket, he found some cocaine. He flushed it down the toilet. When she woke up, she was padding her pockets and searching under the pillow covers. He had asked her what was wrong and she told him she lost her keys. He had put his head down and drank his coffee in the kitchen.

He puts on his uniform and heads to his shift at the store. As he drives, he thinks he could play music anywhere. They were better off back home, dreaming of what they could be once they left town. He excuses himself at the register and sits in the bathroom, his hands on his forehead. He doesn’t know what to do. She needs help more than he can give.

Director: Mike Ko Year: 2018

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