Video Review: John Cougar Mellencamp “Hurts So Good”

John Cougar Mellencamp rides his motorcycle through Medora, Indiana with his biker friends behind him.

Inside a closed store, Mellencamp performs on the counter with a young woman, wearing leather and fishnets.The bikers clap and sing along. He puts his hands on the young woman’s thigh. He jumps down from the counter and puts his arms around some of the bikers’ shoulders.

He walks into the parking lot. Two young woman, wearing leather and fishnets, walk with him as the bikers kickstart their motorcycles.

He continues to ride his motorcycle through Medora.

Rating: 2/5

John Cougar Mellencamp stocks shelves at the hardware store. His friend asks him if he wants to go on break with him. Mellencamp takes a cigarette out of his pocket and leaves the hammers on the floor as he follows his friend out of the store. Mellencamp had his break a half hour ago. However, it was slow and the manager was on lunch.

His friend takes a drag and says Mellencamp’s crush is going to the bar tonight. Mellencamp grins and says hopefully he can talk to her. His friend, scoffs, saying “talk?” They stamp out their cigarettes after 15 minutes and return back to the store.

As he heads to the bar, he sees another closed sign placed on the store window of a strip mall. He stops at the gas station and says “hello” to one of his former classmate’s mom. She asks him how he’s doing and says he’s working. He tells her congratulations on the new baby. She shows him some pictures and he says he can’t believe someone he went to school with already has a kid.

At the bar, he sees his crush and buys her a drink. She smiles and says he doesn’t ever stop. He tells her he doesn’t plan to. An hour later, he asks her if she wants ride on his motorcycle. She answers yes. They ride back to his place and sleep together.

In the morning, his alarm clock rings and he calls into work. He plans to stay with her all day. He puts his arms around her and gives her a kiss. She cuddles next to him and says she has there is nothing to do in Medora. She says she misses high school. He rubs his shoulder as he thinks of simpler times.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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