Video Review: Keyshia Cole, Missy Elliott & Lil’ Kim “Let It Go”

In the car, Missy Elliott asks Keyshia Cole, “girl, look, why are you looking like that again?” Cole scoffs, “seriously?” and explains she’s worried about a guy. Elliott says she “doesn’t even want to know the story” and suggests hanging out a club. She wants to know if Lil’ Kim is going. Elliott says yes.

While some spotlights shine in the city, Cole dances by herself. Elliott dances by the same lights alone.

She and Elliott drive in the city. They talk and sing in the car.

Cole and Elliott dance together by the spotlights. Cole and Elliott’s image multiplies as they dance by themselves.

People hold their bottles as they dance. Cole walks up the steps to the dance floor. Elliott raises her hand in the air. Several people follow along with her. A young woman beckons a young man to dance with her. Lil’ Kim leans against a red cushioned column.

Cole and Lil’ Kim hang out by the bar. Lil’ Kim joins Elliott and Cole on the dance floor.

Rating: 3/5

Keyshia Cole stares out the window as her friend, Missy Elliott drives her home. Elliott wants to know what’s wrong. Cole explains she likes a guy and he hasn’t talked to her in a week. Elliott tells they are going to have fun tonight and says it would be good for Cole to have a fling or something. Elliott knows who she’s talking about. It’s someone who’s been stringing her along for years now. He says he wants a relationship and then pulls away. Elliott feels for her friend but can’t handle the drama of it anymore.

While at the club, Cole and Elliott meet up with Lil’ Kim. Lil’ Kim tells Cole she already has some guys lined up for the both of them. Cole says she’ll talk with them but she isn’t sure she wants to go home with anyone. Lil’ Kim rolls her eyes and says she needs to get over the current guy.

Elliott and Lil’ Kim were right. One of the guys was exactly was what she needed. Although she doesn’t have any intention of starting a relationship, it was great to have someone who talked to her.

Director: N/A Year: 2007

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