Video Review: Hi-Five “I Can’t Wait Another Minute”

A wall features black-and-white photographs of Tony, Russell, Roderick, Marcus, and Treston. Tony sits with his feet up in bed, watching a video he made of his crush walking in the halls of school.

In black-and-white, Treston and Russell play basketball in the gym. Tony carries his video camera in the hallway and films his crush

Tony, Russell, Marcus, Roderick and Treston perform in the front of the wall.

Back in black-and-white, Roderick sits on the windowsill of the library, looking out. He flirts with crush between the bookshelves. Russell takes photographs of his crush as she sits on the bleacher. Marcus talks with his crush by the brick column near the gym. Russell develops the photos in the darkroom. Marcus’ crush plays basketball with him.

They sit next together on the floor.

Rating: 3/5

Tony cringes as he watches some of the first videos he took on his camera. He followed his crush around in the halls, using the camera as a way to be with her. His crush, now one of his best friends, thinks its cute now. However, he looks back and wonders why she continued to talk to him. He asks her if he can tape over them. She tells him she wants to include some footage for their Senior Banquet. He heaves a sigh and hands it over to her.

Roderick and his girlfriend, though, love to tell the story of how they met at the library. She had no idea who he was. She had seen him in the halls but they didn’t share any classes together. However, he had been aware of her since freshman year. She was smart and a part of the National Honors Society. After high school, they plan to go to college together and get married.

Marcus and Treston had a lot of young women chasing them in high school. However, no particular girl stands out for them. Marcus did like a cheerleader for a long time. They dated for a month and he cheated on her. Treston had multiple girlfriends.

Russell, though, thinks of the young woman in his photographs. The photographs won him awards and an entry into art school. Every so often, they’ll talk whenever he’s in town. She had such an impact on his life and she doesn’t even realize it. He hopes someday they can at least be better friends.

Director: Antoine Fuqua Year: 1991

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