Video Review: Sia “Underneath the Mistletoe”

Little Sia stands next to the Snowman’s home. She waves goodbye and he tugs at her hand. He watches her walk in the forest.

Inside his home, he builds a little Sia out of snow. He plays hide and seek with it and then sits in his chair, tears in his eyes. Little Sia trudges through the snow and slips on the ice. He catches her and she gives him a hug. He transforms himself into a boat as they play on the ice.

Back at home, her mom waits for her. He walks her back and she spots her family. She waves goodbye to him again. He watches her hug her mom. Little Sia smiles at him from her mom’s shoulder.

On Christmas morning, little Sia wakes up and looks out her window, She smiles as she sees the snowman standing on their front lawn. The snowman winks at her and she waves to him.

Rating: 5/5

Winter was Sia’s favorite season. She anticipated the first major snowfall of the year and loved to hear to crunch underneath her feet. As she drives back home from college, she sees the snow people in the front yards. She thinks of the lonely Snowman she befriended as a child. While decorating the house with her family, she glances over her shoulder, looking for him. He usually appears a month before Christmas. He should be on their lawn by now.

She tells her mom she’s going to take a walk in the forest. His house was near the pond. In high school, she often stayed there to get away from her parents or cry about a boy. They would play hide and seek inside his home or ice skated on the pond. She dreaded the spring, knowing she won’t see him for another year.

Trees fill the spot where his house once stood. She calls out for him but there is no answer. She sits on the ground and waits for an hour. In the distance, she hears her cousins shout her name. She dusts herself up and walks back home. She was on her on her now, her childhood over.

Director: Lior Molcho Year: 2017

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