Video Review: Big Boi, Gucci Mane & Pimp C “In The South”

An animated Pimp C adjusts the dial in the car to Country Tunes Radio and he turns the key. At night, with a lavender outlined skyline, Pimp C, Big Boi and Gucci Mane ride around the city.

Red lasers flash behind them in the sky as shapes of southern states fly by.

Against a splashes of red and black, Gucci Mane raps next to the car.

Rotating between hunter green and royal purple, speakers thump to the beat next to the matching cars. Shapes of southern states decorate the black background. A young man sweats and holds onto his arms. People cheer under Gucci Mane’s mouth as he raps in the car.

Gucci Mane raps behind bars. A police officer watches Pimp C as he drives past him. Women, wearing red crop tops and shorts, shake their butts in front of the cars. The colors rotate to hunter green and royal purple.

At W.A.C.K. Radio, a middle-aged bald Caucasian man holds his hands in front of the camera. Big Boi, wearing a red robe, rises in the air. He speaks to a class and figures out a math formula. A young woman cries. A chicken cries in the palm of Big Boi’s hand.

Against the red lasers, Big Boi, wearing a baseball uniform, prepares to hit the ball. Two versions of himself, wearing a red bathrobe, hang out in the family room. One version of himself sits in a chair while another versions passes by. A middle-aged man sits by a toilet.

Against lavender lasers, Gucci Mane’s head floats as the southern states fly by.

It switches back from the car to the speakers in the parking lot.

Rating: 2/5

Gucci Mane beats his fists as he talks of taking over the Northern states, saying they already most of the South. Louisiana is prepared to fight. The late Pimp C stops to make to complete his shady deals along the way. Gucci Mane provides reinforcement. Big Boi plans to escape once they hit the Northern states. He’s been trying to warn people but no one believes him.

Pimp C returns to the car with a wad of money. Big Boi sees blood on Gucci Mane’s hands. He believes at some point Gucci Mane fell into the delusion he’s still in Spring Breakers. He often talks about Florida and how it’s misunderstood it is. Big Boi reminds his character died in the movie and to move on. Pimp C chimes in that he was robbed and deserved to win some awards.

Big Boi jumps out of the car as they head towards Ohio. He jumps over the fence of a cow pasture and hides in the barn. He texts for help. Gucci Mane mutters “Spring Break forever, Big Boi” as Pimp C drives off,

Director: Cartoon Buck Prod Year: 2017

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