Video Review: Katy Perry “Wide Awake”

Katy Perry lip synchs to “California Gurls” naked as she sits on fluffy cotton. The crew claps for her and someone hands her a bathrobe. Sipping on her drink, she says goodbye to everyone. She asks John if they got everything and tells him “bye” as she closes her dressing room door.

At her vanity, she takes off her wig and stares into the mirror.

Inside a gothic lair, she carries a lantern as she walks through the winding maze. Snowflakes fall as she searches the corners for an exit. She spots a single strawberry in a dying tree and bites into it.  The walls close in on her and she pushes them with her hands to force them open.

She tilts her head back and sparks fly from her chest. It reaches the sky and opens a door, where a little girl is waiting. They walk together on the checkered floor towards a mirror, which shows the little girl is invisible. Perry touches the mirror. Photographers take her picture through the mirror. The little girl taps her arm as the floor crumbles. Perry breaks the mirror.

The little girl wheels Perry in her wheelchair in a mental institution. Two demons in a gas mask wait. The little girl stomps the ground, killing them. She stands up, taking off her hospital gown and takes the little girl’s hand. They walk into a garden. Prince Charming smiles on his horse once he sees Perry. He approaches her, fingers crossed behind his back. She knocks him out.

They run towards a heart and high-five. Perry hugs the little girl. The little girl puts a gift in her hand and rides off on her bike with the plate, “Katheryn” on the back. She opens her a palm and a butterfly flies.

Back in her dressing room, Perry watches the butterfly fly around. It follows her as she rises on the platform to the stage.

Rating: 5/5

The fairytale was over. Katy Perry had one of the best years of her life. However, there were some regrets and mistakes she made along the way. All she had worked for was happening at once. She had a husband who she adored. Hit after hit played on the radio, eventually breaking Michael Jackson’s record. She had a sold out tour and countless famous friends. Life couldn’t get any better.

Then her husband, Russell Brand asked for a divorce. The tour was over and she had to make a new album and reach the high expectations set for her. She turned to her family for support. She wasn’t going to be able to do it alone. While hanging out with her sister, she remembers how happy she was a child. She believed love would be forever. However, as she sits in her lawyer’s office and signs the divorce papers, she realizes she has to make a new dream.

She’s going to start living for herself and being the decision maker in relationships. Her sister says she’s proud of her as she cries into her shoulder. She’s going to fall in love again someday. However, she plans to be realistic about it and not fall headfirst into something that seems too good to be true. There is going to be evaluating, analyzing and lists made to determined whether he is right for her.

Director: Tony “Truand” Datis Year: 2012

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