Video Review: Little Mix & Sharaya J “Strip”

In black-and-white, Jesy pulls away from the stylist. Jade shakes her head as the stylists touch her face and hair. Leigh-Anne side-eyes the stylists.

In leisure wear, they stand together. Perrie touches her breasts and shakes her butt. Leigh-Anne bows to an average-sized thirtysomething woman. Jesy rubs Perrie’s butt.

They hug. A sixtysomething woman grins as she stands with them. Two plus-sized twentysomething woman with Jesy and Leigh-Anne. A plus-sized thirtysomething woman slaps her butt.

Sharaya J stands with Little Mix. Wrapped in an American flag dress, she dances by herself.

They sit together, naked, with their flaws written on their skin.  Insignificant is on Leigh-Anne’s arm. Common and flabby are by Jesy’s buttocks. Inapproriate is on Perrie’s collarbone while stupid is on her leg. Talentless is on Jade’s arm and slutty is on her leg.

Little Mix dance with all the women.

Rating: 5/5

Leigh-Anne has been dismissed for her color. Some people treat her as though she isn’t there and talk with Perrie instead. Perrie has been talked down to by people and told to act like a lady after hearing her swear. Jesy has been told to eat less and exercise. However, Jade has been told she should be back home, waiting tables and not allowed on stage.

Perrie and Jesy stood up for themselves and talked back. They weren’t going to take being called dumb or fat. They called out the people with sly remarks. However, they had to grit their teeth during some appearances. They had been warned to let management deal with it. But enough was enough. Jade was hurting her voice trying to improve her vocals while Leigh-Anne had requested extra security.

Around industry parties, they see the same thin, blonde type. Although Perrie fits in, it usually at the expense of her friends. She includes them in the discussions. They ask her “why?” and says she could do better. She explains they are her best friends. Jesy warns Jade to be careful of a young and upcoming model in the corner. She’s been trying to pit her against Leigh-Anne all night. Jade sips her drink and tells her to avoid the guy sitting at the bar. They see Perrie talking to him and move through the crowd. They have to look out for each other. If one falls, they all fall.

Directors: Rankin & Little Mix Year: 2018

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