Video Review: The Cars “Shake It Up”

Elliot finishes fixing a car at the auto repair shop and then closes down for the evening. Ric turns on the cassette player and sings along as he drives in the city at night. A twentysomething woman, dressed a senior citizen, moves her hips and drops her groceries.

Ric picks her up and then Elliot. She shakes a snowglobe. Ric spots a young man spray painting “shake it up” on a wall and invites him for a ride. Benjamin plays the guitar in the backseat.

On top of a building, two eight-year-old boys play dice and gamble.

The band plays in front of the car in the parking lot.

The police officer arrests some men by the billboard.

The boy and the twentysomething woman shake their objects. From underneath a car, a woman kicks up her legs. Wearing a black dress, she shakes a can and dances in front of the car. The twentysomething woman removes her outfit and starts to dance. Ric sits in the car, playing the guitar.

Rating: 3/5

Ric glances at the store, watching the man twist the yo-yo around his fingers. As he gets into his car, he sees the man twirl the yo-yo. Ric opens his door and jogs over to him. He asks the man to show him how he did it. It took about a half an hour but Ric was able to do a trick. He thanks him and leaves.

Back in his car, he listens to the radio and sees a twentysomething woman dressed as an old lady. He tells her it’s a great costume and she says it’s a prank. She’s trying to trick random people who dismiss her as helpless. He asks her to hang out with him.

On the way to a party, Ric sees a boy spray painting on the wall. He parks his car and wants to know if the boy has drawn anything. The boy shows him some of his sketches and says he wants to become an artist. Ric tells him they need to get out of there. He saw a police car around the block.  He drops the boy off at home.

At the party, Ric drinks some beer and talks with everyone. He kisses a few young women. Some are aspiring actresses. Another works at the grocery store. He thinks he’s seen her before. It turns out she rang him up once while working in the evening. Ric offers to take some drunk people home. The host of the party thanks him and they exchange phone numbers.

Director: N/A Year: 1981

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