Video Review: Alessia Cara “Not Today”

Alessia Cara sits on her bed, mascara running down her cheeks. She lies by the pillows.

Slumped on the couch, she watches television. She puts on some music and shuffles her feet. She sits on a chair and answers the phone. She screams into the receiver. From her bedroom window, she looks across street with binoculars.

At lunch, she stabs into her salad in the dining room. In the bathroom, she brushes her teeth and forces a smile. She draws a mustache on her face. Sitting in the family room, she spreads out the jigsaw puzzles and tries to piece them together. She gets up and kicks the pieces. She jumps on the bed and slides down the stairs. She takes a shower in her clothes.

She returns back to bed.

Rating: 3.5/5

Alessia Cara hasn’t been outside for a week. She’s been lying her bed, thinking and sleeping for most of the days. Her boss has been calling her, asking her if she’s going to come into work. However, she hasn’t answered. She picks up her phone and dials her doctor. Her dosage needs to be changed again. She texts her job and says that she’ll be back in next week. Her boss tells her to get better.

In the bathroom, she washes off the mascara on her face. It’s progress. She returns back to her bedroom and opens her closet. She finds a decent t-shirt and an old pair of jeans. She puts on some music as she gets ready and then turns it off after a minute.

Her mom knocks on the door and turns the key in the lock. She hugs her Cara and says she’ll drive her. Cara shrugs, saying it doesn’t really matter. Her mom makes her some cereal and puts it in front of her. She turns on the television and eats it as she glances around the room.

If it wasn’t for her mother, she wouldn’t be able to function. It was her mother who fought her while her father and siblings said she would get over it. It was her mom who drove her to the hospital and stayed at her bedside every day. During her hospitalization, her mother told her not to give up.

Each day, she tries for her mother. She wants to be better. Her mother gives a reason to keep going. It helps to know someone cares.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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