Video Review: Paul Young “Everytime You Go Away”

Filmed through a light brown filter, Paul Young dances on stage during his concert. Lit in Parisian blue, he continues to dance. The background singers perform Through the sepia filter, he holds the microphone stand over his head. Back in Parisian blue, he takes a flower from a fan in the audience.

Against a Parisian blue background, he sings.

After the concert, he talks to a crew member in his dressing room. He touches fans’ hands in the front row. He slides down on the pole to the stage.

Standing on an ivory sheet with lanterns surrounding him, he grabs the netting.

He runs towards the fans in the front row and lets them ruffle his hair. He drives up to the stage door. On stage, he wipes his face with a towel.

He bends down on the ivory sheet, which is crinkled.

He cleans his hair with a towel and throws it to the audience.

Waves emit from the crinkled lines. He snaps his fingers and sings with his microphone.

Rating: 2/5

Halfway through the tour, Paul Young decides to go an amusement park on his off day. His manager tells him to take it easy and to return back to the hotel once he gets tired. Young stays until the park closes. He and his crew ride the rollercoasters several times throughout the day. His legs limp, he collapses in bed.

At around 5 a.m., his alarm rings and he groans. He has a radio interview in an hour. He sits up in bed and switches through the channels. The DJ’s ask what his favorite rollercoaster was and he answers the Flashback. He falls asleep after they tell him to have a good show.

By 4 p.m., he calls some of his crew members and asks if they want to go out. They eat an early dinner and then dance all night at a dive bar. One young woman says she didn’t expect him to be outgoing. He and his crew members do shots and he performs in a contest. His friends cheer for him as he proclaims victory.

The next morning, the alarm clock rings again. He hits the snooze button. The ringing of the phone wakes him up and his assistant tells him he’s coming over. Young rolls over in bed and stares at the ceiling. He’ll get his second wind during the concert but for now, he wants to sleep for rest of the day.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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