Video Review: Melissa Etheridge “I Want To Come Over”

A young woman (Gwyneth Paltrow) hits the steering wheel of her car. Hand in her hair, she drives around Los Angeles, California at night.

Melissa Etheridge plays guitar in her apartment.

The young woman turns and checks out her teeth in the rearview mirror. She turns off her lights and looks at up at her boyfriend’s apartment building as she parks in the lot. She puts her head into her hands and plays Cat’s Cradle with her shoelaces.

Etheridge sits on the couch.

The young woman pulls out of the parking lot and drives on the main road. She bites her nails and turns her head as she hears a siren. She turns around and returns to the parking lot. Turning off the lights, she looks up at the room again and stares at the steering wheel. She lights a match and watches it burn. She lies down in the backseat and sleeps. She bursts into tears and then rocks in the backseat. She sits up front for a little bit again and hits the steering wheel.

She moves to the backseat again and changes her clothes. She retouches her eyeliner and then gets out of the car. She walks into the building and presses the button for the elevator.

Rating: 4/5

He’ll turn her down, ask her to leave. He’ll say she taking things too far. The young woman puts the key in drive and drives around the city again. She thinks of how he tries to get to her talk and remembers her interests. But she can’t go up to his apartment. It will no longer be a flirtation. It will be real and he has the ability to destroy with a single thoughtless gesture.

He’s the only guy she’s ever loved. Although she ignored him for years and downplayed her feelings for him. She watched fall in love with girl after girl. With each day, she waited for the day she would lose him completely. However, she continued to talk to him and see him while out with mutual friends. They would usually talk in the corner by themselves.

She shouldn’t be scared. He has proven himself to her over time. However, she can’t fall in love with him. She can’t let him see how much he means to her. However, after he kissed her, she knows she no longer handle him with another girlfriend. Going up to his apartment is something she has to do.

Director: Pam Thomas Year: 1996

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