Video Review: Tim McGraw “Neon Church”

A young man walks down the road, carrying his backpack over his shoulder. A church stands in the middle of the town.

Tim McGraw sits on a pew with pastel neon lights behind him.

A thirtysomething woman turns the sign to closed at the diner. The sheriff parks his car. A priest gets his Bible and leaves the church. A fortysomething man drinks a beer by the window of his home. The priest lights a cigarette. The thirtysomething woman holds her baby.

The young man walks into the bar. He sees the bartender laugh with the regulars as he serves them shots.

Candles melt on a table. The thirtysomething woman sips her beer on a bench. McGraw sits in the corner. A goat watches a group of people talk at a table. The thirtysomething woman dances by the jukebox. Several men play a game of pool. A fortysomething man hands out his cowboy hat and people money in it.

The young man drinks his beer and runs into a young woman with short, blonde hair. Lit in crimson red, a second young man vomits in the bathroom.

The people return home after the bar closes. The priest, thirtysomething woman and young man take off their jackets. Angel wings sprout from their shoulders. The young man smokes his cigarette while standing against a building.

Rating: 3/5

The young man hasn’t seen his family in years. They kicked him out at 18 years old and told him not to ever come back. He attempted to contact sometime in his late 20s. It was around Christmas time and he was thinking of them. To his surprise, they invited him to dinner. As he said grace with them, he realized he no longer knows them. He meets his sister’s children and talks with his dad. After dinner, he says goodbye, knowing he won’t be back. His home has been the bars he has walked into between homes.

The priest eyes the man in a suit and tie. Years of listening of peoples’ confessions, he has learned it’s the wealthy men in suits who steal from the church plate and manipulate his parishioners. He nods at the man and continues to walk to the bar. The bartender greets him and asks him about his sermon. Usually, he prefers not to tell his people his profession. However, the people at the bar do not care. They ask him questions and let him be.

The thirtysomething woman drinks by herself. She knows she’s safe here. The men talk to her and invite to play pool but she tells them no. The fortysomething man who won the game hands her some of his cash, knowing she’s in need. She thanks him and puts it in her wallet. It’ll be for her baby. Her baby has been in and out of the hospital. She had to quit her full-time job to take care of him. Her husband left. But she knows the bar will save her. She’s waiting her turn.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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