Video Review: Hozier “Someone New”

At night, a young woman (Natalie Dormer) brushes her blonde hair away from her eyes as she looks over the balcony. She watches her ex-boyfriend walk into the building, carrying his guitar.

Lit in royal blue, Hozier performs at a small club.

She walks up the stairs of a club and pushes her way through the crowd. She pauses to watch Hozier sing and then leans against the wall. After leaving the bathroom, she passes by a second young man. She imagines she touches his collar and they make out in the bathroom stall.

A third young man lights her cigarette. She gazes back to him as she walks by herself, watching him smoke with another woman. She looks out the window while on the subway. She sees the fourth young man next to her, nodding as he listens to his music. She imagines making out with him and then wakes up at her stop.

Walking back to the steps, she spots two young women, laughing together. She imagines herself holding the brown bag of whiskey with her best friend. By the bridge, she watches a second young woman make out with her boyfriend and imagines it’s her kissing him instead.

She returns to her apartment and imagines herself making out with ex-boyfriend on the couch. She thinks of them on the roof at night, sleeping together. She walks around on the roof of the apartment building.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman posts online that she has an extra concert ticket and if anyone wants to go with her. Her brother couldn’t make it. None of her co-workers knew of Hozier. A friend of hers texted back that she couldn’t make it. A notification dings on her phone. She rushes to pick it up and sees it was only for the newspaper she follows, featuring a live report.

She sits on the couch and watches television. As she pets her dog, she refreshes her social media. However, there are no replies. Some people react with a heart. Between ads, she checks her phone again. By midnight, she puts her phone on the dresser and goes to bed.

At the small club, a young man smiles at her as she walks inside. He seems relaxed and she thinks of pulling him into the bathroom, kissing him hard. Seeing Hozier perform on stage, she thinks of him looking towards her. She would talk to him after the show and he would become one of her best friends.

While leaving the subway, she watches as two young women laugh. The brunette young woman helps her drunk friend walk. She imagines the brunette young woman holding her hair back home as she vomits and telling her it’ll be okay. The young woman would invite her out for dinner. They’d vent about work and take pictures on their phone.

She returns to her apartment and tosses the keys on the dining table. She stares into the bathroom mirror for a minute, wiping off her makeup and then brushes her teeth. Her dog nuzzles besides her and she gives him a kiss. After taking a shower, she puts on her flannel pajamas and walks into her bedroom. Her dog follows her and falls asleep at the end of the bed.

Director: N/A Year: 2015

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