Video Review: Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne “Good Form”

Nicki Minaj, wearing a black, lacy dress, walks through the arched hallway with several women. She sits inside a car.

A spotlight skims over a steel structure. Some women stand within it, shaking their butts.

She sits on two women’s butts by a bending structure with forward leaning triangles.  Minaj dances with several women. Lit in crimson, two women contort themselves.

Wearing a red lace jumpsuit, she sits on matching velvet couch. Three women bend on the couch.

The two women sit on square platforms near the bending structure. Minaj taps their butts and holds a cookie.

She sits in a cup of milk with a cookie hovering over it and shakes her butt. She sits underneath a pink triangle and kicks up her legs behind her.

Lil Wayne sits by himself in the steel structure. Lights flash in red and blue as he walks around. Minaj stands behind him as several women shake their butts. Tyga stands next to Minaj.

Minaj walks down the arched hallway.

Rating: 2.5/5

Nicki Minaj walks to the entrance. The host has told her the two women wanted to talk to her. She arrives and their eyes widen. She cracks her whip and says hello. She introduces herself and invites them to join her.

She walks through the arched hallway. A few young women hang around, draped in black lace. She raises her eyebrows at one of the women, who returns to the floor. She presents a blonde young woman to them and ushers them to the center of the brothel.  She indicates the guards are lurking throughout the area and informs them of the rules. Her cell phone rings in her pocket. She picks it up and says some of her regulars are waiting for her. She

In one of the main performs, she shakes her butt in a cup of milk. One of her regulars jumps in with her. She inches away from him as she adjusts her strap. A few months ago, he had grabbed her. Security recommended that she ban him. However, she convinced them to let him come back. Ever since then, though, she maintains a distance from him.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2018

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