Video Review: Travis Scott & Gunna “Yosemite”

Travis Scott exhales smoke inside an airplane as it flies over Astroworld. As he dreams, an 8 year-old boy  dances in the forest. He jumps off the rock and screams as he flies in the air. Scott walks up with a jolt as the boy lands in the forest.

The boy gets up and sees a tribe of young men standing guard. He watches the sixtysomething man, who sits on his chair. He passes a red train attached to a tree.

Scott looks out the window. Across from Scott, Gunna rests his arm on a stack of money.

The boy sees statues of cubs perched on the limbs. He gazes up at the trees. Three young women with diamond encrusted necklaces covering their bare chests stand in the lake and wave at him. He trips on a limb and yanks his leg. He gets up and continues to walk. While touching a tree, its bark swirls in aqua, allowing the toys to become animated.

He walks in the mouth of the cave, which is the shape of Scott’s face. As he feels his way through, he sees the ice blue crystals hanging in the corner. He turns to see mystic red walls with planets hanging from the ceiling. He climbs out of the cave and sees a rollercoaster. The boy jumps up and down as he sees the airplane and smiles.

Rating: 5/5

The 8 year-old boy sits at the table and draws. He rolls his eyes as his little brother kicks him. Putting down his crayon, he gets up from the chair. His mother puts some salad in the bowl and asks him where he’s going. He says he’s going to play outside for a while. She tells him not to stay out for too long.

He takes the crumbled map out of his pocket and searches for the giant tree. It was his favorite part of the trip so far. He shoves back in his pocket and walks. However, as he glances at the forest, nothing seems familiar. He gets out of his map again and look for the spot. The ground underneath him glows and he is transported to another area of the park.

As he walks, he sees trains and carousel animals plunged into the ground. He discovers a cave with multiple planets hanging inside and secret amusement park. For two hours, he rides the roller coaster and eats cotton candy. While eating a corn dog, he finds science books and carries them. The ground underneath him glows and he returns back to his cabin.

He sneaks in through the patio door and hides his books. His mom calls for him dinner and he sits at the table with his brother, dad and mom. After dinner, they board games until bedtime. He wins every game of Risk. With a flashlight, he reads one of his science books and falls asleep.

Director: Nabil Year: 2018

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