Video Review: Coldplay & Rihanna “Princess of China”

A movie trailer sign states that it’s for Princess of China. Chris Martin walks in the desert somewhere in Asia. Rihanna stretches out in a couch inside a temple. A guard watches Martin as he walks to the entrance of the temple.

Two versions of a young woman stand opposite sides of Rihanna’s room with multiple arms moving back and forth. Martin sword fights in another room. Three men bang a gong. The door opens to Rihanna’s room and she raises her arms over her head.

In the thundering sky, Martin and Rihanna, in a white robe, levitate in the sky and pass by the moon as they move towards each other.

Martin points his sword at his opponent’s neck. Multiple arms form behind Rihanna as she stands in her room. Her subjects move to their arms to the side.

Martin and Rihanna press their foreheads together as they kneel in the desert. She picks up her sword and rises in the sky. Martin points his sword at her as he levitates. Men play drums in third room as Martin stands in front of them. Rihanna twirls her dress as she performs for Martin. Martin memorizes every movement as he sits in his seat.

Rating: 5/5

The Princess had trained as a geisha as a child. As a teenager, the men requested her presence. The young geishas in training looked up to her. They often copied the wave of her fan or a twist of her arm. The other geishas envied her and sabotaged her efforts to find love. They created rumors and stole any potential lovers anyway from her.

Without anyone to love, she studied martial arts and vowed to not anyone into her heart. Chris Martin, a British man traveling through Asia, saw her perform and fell in love with her at first sight. She warned him to stay away. However, he wouldn’t give up. He visited her at least once a month, spending his savings and taking odd jobs to see her. She told him she wasn’t worth the risk. He kissed her and told her he would marry her, take her away from her lonely life.

She relented and challenged him to a sword fight. She wanted to test him and see if he would back off. The sword pierced his shoulder and she gasped. He put his hand over his wound and told her it was okay. She accepted his proposal while she sat with him in the hospital. She wouldn’t let her pride get the best of her.

Directors: Adria Petty & Alan Bibby Year: 2012

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