Video Review: Steve Aoki & BTS “Waste It On Me”

Paparazzi flash pictures of Jamie Chung as she enters a club. In the kitchen, a fortysomething man works in the kitchen. He stares at the shelves of cup and plates.

A young famous couple (Ross Butler and Devon Aoki) walk into the club.

The fortysomething server stares at a photographer of the famous young woman framed on the wall. He sings on stage. The famous young man whispers in her ear as they sit at a booth.

On stage, the famous young woman, Jamie Chung and the famous young man take turns singing.

The fortysomething server sees the famous young actress clink her drink with her boyfriend and smiles. He walks to their table and hands a menu to the famous young actress. The famous young actor watches his menu hit the cushions.

Back in the kitchen, the head server (Jimmy O. Yang) orders the fortysomething server to the floor. He stands by the entrance of the club as the paparazzi continue to photograph. He kisses the framed photo of the famous young actress.

As the famous young couple talk, he pops up behind the booth behind them. They turn around and he slinks to the floor. He flips off the framed photograph of the famous young man.

Steve Aoki, Melissa Lu and Jinny Chung sing at the microphone. Leonardo Nam wears his sunglasses as he sings. The famous young actor confronts the server on stage. The head server takes away the microphone. Nam puts his sunglasses on his head.

The servers dance in the kitchen.

The fortysomething server slings the microphone on the stage. He joins Aoki and the famous young actress at the DJ booth. He meets Jamie and continues to dance with the servers in the kitchen.

Rating: 5/5

Jamie Chung hands the fortysomething server a business card. She tells him he’s hilarious and she knows someone who can help him get heard. The fortysomething server reaches over to hug her but she pulls back. She says it was to nice to meet him and leaves.

He tucks the business card in his pocket and returns back to the kitchen. Through the flashes, he sees a famous young couple walk inside. Someday, she’ll notice him and leave the famous young actor for him. She will tell press she wanted someone normal  and relatable. Their relationship will get them on the cover of magazines and he’ll be able to guest star on her television show. It will be his breakthrough role. His fame will eclipse hers and she will ask if he still loves as she struggles to find work. His female co-stars attempt to seduce him and he says he only loves the famous young woman.

It is a love story the media holds up as the standard. As they grow old together, she can no longer handle their long hours and says he has picked fame over his children. He’ll deflect rumors in the magazines but alas, his publicist will release a joint statement announcing their divorce. He can’t wait for his life to begin.

Director: Joe Hahn Year: 2018

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