Video Review: Breathe “How Can I Fall”

A sixtysomething man twists a lightbulb into a string of lights hanging over a cafe. A blonde twentysomething man and his friends play baseball in the street. Breathe perform at the cafe. A twentysomething woman gets a kiss from her puppy. Her best friend, a brunette twentysomething, pets the dog.

A couple talk as Breathe performs by their table. The twentysomething smiles as she watches the blonde twentysomething man hit the baseball. A brunette twentysomething man pitches the ball and the brunette twenytsomething laughs to her friend. The brunette twentysomething man pushes the brunette twentysomething woman’s arm out of the way as he walks by her.

Two twentysomething young women check out Marcus. The brunette twentysomething man pulls the brunette woman’s arm and knocks over a table. The blonde twentysomething man and twentysomething woman walk towards one another and dance. The brunette twentysomething woman walks away and sits by her stoop. The brunette twentysomething man sits on a chair, thinking. The blonde twentysomething man and twentysomething woman kiss.

At night, the lights twinkle over the cafe as Breathe continue to perform. Couples kiss and people say goodbye to one another. The two twentysomething look up at the sky as the rain falls and run to Marcus. The blonde twentysomething man laughs as he dances with the twentysomething woman. They hug. Breathe leave the cafe.

Rating: 2/5

David watches the brunette twentysomething man as he sings. He sees the man approach the twentysomething woman and then grab the woman’s arm. He glances at the customers, who continue to listen. The sixtysomething woman from the apartment above chides the twentysomething man, telling him to stay away from the woman. David’s heart stops racing. Every weekend he worries something may happen to the woman. No one says anything.

After finishing the song, he tells the manager about the twentysomething man outside and points to the table. The manager asks him the twentysomething to leave. The brunette twentysomething curses at the manager and tugs at the brunette twentysomething woman’s arm. She shouts for him to let go. A server calls the police.

The brunette twentysomething walks home. She cries by her stoop. He won’t ever stop. She fears for herself and doesn’t want to deal with it anymore. Her best friend has fallen in love with someone and brushes it off as drama. She thinks David from the band is an ally. However, he could blame her for staying once he gets to know her. It’s better to say nothing.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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  1. LOL. You got a journalism degree to post this?!

    Who is the hot guy playing stickball in the video?

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