Video Review: Mark Ronson & Miley Cyrus “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Version 1)”

Lit in electric blue, a little boy plays with bullets in his bedroom.

On the expressway, sirens blare from several police cars as they follow Miley Cyrus in her vehicle. A helicopter hovers over her car. People stand on the overpass holding up signs supporting Cyrus. A news reporter from Wolf News says “the car is now driving by the intersection of the 31 and I-65 freeway heading north.”

Construction workers and nuns stand on the shoulder of the road.  The news reporter adds “her destination is unknown” and says “it’s a slow pursuit.” A member of the SWAT team eyes Cyrus as she continues to drive. She looks through her sunroof.

Lit in candy red, priests watch the dancers at the strip club. She moves to the backseat while the car to drives by itself. Her car stops in the middle of the strip club. Two ten-year-old girls take photos of themselves on Snapchat outside the club. Cyrus tears through the building.

Little kids shoot their guns at the firing range. Cyrus drives into the range. A bullet flies by her and misses the target. She hits a streetlight and lands in someone’s backyard. Two young women kiss in the hot tub.

Cyrus continues to drive down the expressway. Teenagers express their support for her as they watch her from the shoulder. Some football players take a knee. Mark Ronson drives next to her and leaps into the passenger side.

Cyrus parks in the middle of a mall. People fight over toys and climb the shelves to get the latest gadgets. People follow the car while the top of the car hits the road and spirals. A tire flies off and sparks emit from the trunk.

Cyrus stands on several concrete steps, her arms spread out with the car behind her inside a building.

Rating: 4/5

There was no other way for it to end. Miley Cyrus braces for herself as the car turns over. As her head hits the ground, the sirens blare and then become muffled. “Hail Mary, full of grace” she starts to pray and her mind goes blank.

It was a simple drive as she caught up on errands. After visiting her parents, she wanted to drive for a few hours. While she was out, she decided to stop at the grocery store. An altercation with a guard had led her to take some food out of the store. In her rearview mirror, she saw a police car and headed to the expressway. The radio broke in to say that she was wanted for arrest and considered dangerous. The guard had reported she had stabbed with her keys.

All of it was true. While she was walking out of the store, the guard had leered at her and put his hand on her back to stop her from leaving. She glanced to the left and the right. However, the guard had told her no one would care. With her keys digging into her palm, she stabbed him and ran out with some groceries.

Knowing people believed her helped her to through the hunger and kept her calm. But there would be nowhere else to go. She called her loved ones and then turned towards the pole.

Director: We Are From L.A. Year: 2018

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