Video Review: Collective Soul “December”

In black-and-white, cells move around.

Lit in violet, a young woman turns a film reel. She looks up as mustard light covers her face. In electric blue, a bartender pours beer into a mug. Ed sits with his back to him, his blue jacket the only color.

In the strip of film, Ed pushes his hair back. Film reels are tossed in the trash. Lit in electric blue, the band plays cards at a table.

During the split screen, the band sits at the table while on the right, they hang out near the stage. The band starts to play.

In black-and-white, Ed sits underneath a ceiling fan at the bar and thinks. The cells turn teal as the woman’s face returns.

Back in black-and-white, the screen splits into two as the bartender cleans the counter. On the right, Ed walks to table and sits with his bandmates.

Lit in lavender, the film reel sits on the table. The screen split changes to electric blue. A young woman lights a match. Back in lavender, the match hangs close to the wick. Back in black-and-white, both sides of the film strip feature the lyrics. In electric blue, the film reels burn in each split screen.

Back in black-and-white, the band continues to sit at the table.

Rating: 2/5

Ed tips the bartender and drinks his beer. He thinks of contacting his lawyer and asking about the band’s contract. He considers returning home and living with his parents for a few months. Ross has told him a meeting has been set up with the label. However, Ed doesn’t believe it won’t all go away.

There have already been cease and desist letters in regards to the music. Ed has had to call the label to find out new information. Representation from the previous label have threatened sabotage to leave. Ed doesn’t know what to do. His friends are depending him on their livelihoods. Dean pats him on the shoulder and says they have worked too hard to let someone else destroy it.

Dean calls him over to the table and asks him to deal the cards. He insists it’s the distraction they need from the drama. Shane bows out and says he’s going to play the drums. Ross gets out his guitar and plays it in between hands. Ed finds himself humming a melody. They pause the game to write down the music.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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