Video Review: Tove Lo “Cycles”

Lit in electric blue, Tove Lo, wearing a shimmery silver crop top, dances in place as slivers of light rush by in a circle.

Lo touches her chest as the slivers of light cluster and extend. Her body blurs as hints of sea green illuminate her. It rotates back to blue again for another spin. Bits of red are added on the next spin,The red deepens to scarlet as she continues to turn.

The spotlights stretch with its multiple feelers. The red circle enlarges behind her. The spotlights blend with colors as the spinning accelerates. Lo touches her face and chest. She rolls her shoulders as her body blurs. She shakes her head.

Rating: 3/5

Tove Lo can’t think straight. She has been going over every detail of her conversation with her boyfriend. It seemed to be doublespeak. He said he loves her but wants an open relationship. There is also someone else he likes and has to discover if he’s feelings are real.

She shakes her head, trying to follow his logic. The jitters have long faded. However, she brainstorms possible questions to figure out what’s on his mind. With each passing month, the everyday conversation has been on where she needs to pull every word out of him.

Being alone again causes her stomach to lurch. During her downtime, she has been skimming the dating websites. It had been only innocent daydreams. Some of the men didn’t live far from her. She thinks she saw one of them on her way to work. It wouldn’t be an affair. However, it would allow her to think of something else for a while.

Director: Malia James Year: 2018

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