Video Review: Stevie Wonder “Part-Time Lover”

In New York City, New York, a man and his wife watch a romantic movie on television. They both turn their heads to the phone as it rings.

Inside a mustard yellow triangle, Stevie Wonders performs at a club.

A man and woman, in silhouette, dance behind the neon green blinds.

In three boxes, a man and woman dance. Wonder performs in the center. Lit in fuchsia, a young woman stands on the right. Wonder plays behind the blinds in the center.

A man and woman kiss by the subway. The triangle expands and lifts up from the stage as Wonder sings.

At night. the man walks with his wife in the city. A young woman passes and then glances over her shoulder at him. The young woman leaves a message for him as she talks on the payphone.

Wonder snaps his fingers while hanging out near the bridge at night. The man and young kiss near the bridge. They continue to kiss as they ride the elevator. Back at home, he opens the door and hugs his friend. His friend gives his wife flowers. She looks out the window of their apartment as she waits for her husband.

Wonder continues to perform at the club. He sings near the bridge.

Rating: 3/5

The personal delivery of flowers was off. It seemed to be show to his best friend that everything was fine. However, it was far from it. Even though she had been married for a decade, she hardly knew her husband. He shared little of his workday with her. It was only tales of broken coffee machine in the cafeteria or how the servers went down.

There was someone else. Around 5 pm, someone called their home and hang up. She wanted to know what she looked like and why he loved her more. She would like to think it’s a temporary affair. But she knows it’s been going for at least two years. She believes it’s a friend. The friend stop talking to her about the same time. Any mutual friends force a smile and dance around the subject when she meets them for lunch.

She gazes at the wilting flowers and looks at her hand. Running her finger over the ring, she takes it off and sets it on the table.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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