Video Review: Zayn “Fingers”

Zayn sits on the windowsill and stands up to look at the house next door. He sits on his bed, flicking his lighter. A cross and rosary hang on the wall. He sits on the piano, staring at the keys. He bends down to play some notes. Sheet music falls on the floor.

He sits on the bench and continues to play.

Against a cobalt background, he flips a coin as he sits in a chair. The coin spins in the air as he waits for it land in his curled hand. He floats backwards in the air. The coin spins on the floor and he picks it up.

He plays guitar on the couch. While he sits by the railing, he turns an album over and over in his hands.

Against a tan background, two versions of Zayn stand opposite of each other. Lit in orange, he touches his chin and smiles. In electric blue, he lifts up his arms. It switches to lime neon and black background. As cameras flash, he puts his fists up and prepares to fight himself. Against the orange background, he smokes a cigarette.

He twists in the cord of the tree swing. He drives his car.

Rating: 2/5

Zayn passes his turned over phone on the kitchen table and opens the refrigerator. His text messages have to be at least 50 by now. However, if he looks then he’ll have to read a response from his crush. His phone vibrates as he takes out containers of old leftovers. He dumps the food in the trash and walks past his phone again.

He sits on his bed, strumming his guitar. Usually, it calms him but his fingers tremble as he hits the chords. He walks back to the kitchen and picks up the phone. His heart thumps as he sees the passcode screen. He turns it back over again and decides to go outside.

In the fresh air, he turns forwards and backwards on the tree swing. He digs out some weeds and checks on his vegetable garden. He pulls out some peppers and puts them in the sink. It’ll be for dinner.

He walks by his phone again and takes a deep breath as he enters his password. The text message icon states 20 in the corner. He scrolls through, answering some of his friend. He sees his crush’s name above the last message. However, a slight tap of his finger causes her message to be read. Her response: a blushing emoji and an “aww.” She asks if he wants to come over. He writes “yes” and carries his phone with him as he heads to the couch. After turning on the television, he checks it again while he waits for the menu pop again. He chooses a show and looks again. Nothing yet. He leans his head back and puts his hands over his face.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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