Video Review: Lauv & Julia Michaels “There’s No Way”

Lauv sit up in his bed on the tour bus, gazing at the neon signs lit up along the city. He glances at Julia Michaels, who has fallen asleep and puts a blanket over her. He lays his head on his pillow, his body turned to see Michaels.

The bus stops at the venue and they walk out in the middle of the night. He plays piano on the stage. Wearing a glittering silver dress, she puts her hand on his shoulder as he walks past him. He smiles as he watches her sing. He holds her hand on stage and they dance.

In the dressing room, he zips up her dress for her. They move through the curtain and head for the stage. They perform on stage. They drink some beer and toast to the show with the their band. The band separates from them as they continue to talk with each other. His girlfriend gives him a kiss and hugs him.

She leans against the vanity as he and his girlfriend walk to the couch. He watches as Michaels kisses her boyfriend.

They pose together for photos with fans. Michaels waves goodbye to fan. He stares into her eyes and she looks down. She smiles him as he holds onto her hand and leaves.

Rating: 5/5

Lauv hands Julia Michaels some candy at the gas station. She tears open the bag and asks if he wants any. He shakes his head no, saying he knows better than to get between her and candy. Her cell phone rings and she says she has to take it. While he pays for his soda, he turns to his and listens as she talks to her boyfriend.

She continues to talk on the phone and waits him for him inside the bus. He sits next to her on the bus and asks her about her boyfriend. She shrugs and says he’s doing okay. She changes the subject to his girlfriend, wanting to know if she’ll be at the show tomorrow. “She wouldn’t miss it,” he answers and throws the wrapper away.

His girlfriend despises her. Although his girlfriend is polite to her at the shows, she has made snide remarks to her online. While his girlfriend is around, she stays away. Lauv has told her not to worry about it and talk to him anyway. However, talking to him with his girlfriend next fills her with her guilt. It’s something she can’t do. She may not care for his girlfriend but she won’t do anything to hurt other people, either.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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