Video Review: Swedish House Mafia “Save The World”

At night, two women laugh together as they walk on the sidewalk. A young man waves hello to clerk at the register. A fortysomething man sits in his car and puts on the radio.

A masked man grabs one of the women. A second masked man hits the glass of the driver’s side of the fortysomething man’s car. The second masked man drags him out of the car. The clerk looks up from his cup and sees two masked men with bats near the counter.

A bulldog barks on the sidewalk, alerting the other strays in the neighborhood. They all bark and run in the street.

The women cries on the sidewalk. The second masked man drives off in the car. The masked man shakes the change out of the woman’s wallet. One of the masked men hits the tip jar on the counter.

The husky licks the woman’s hand and cheek. While hiding in the stockroom, the clerk watches as two dogs run through the back of the building. Two dogs take down the masked man. One bites at his ankle while the other jumps and pulls at his collar. A golden retriever knocks the masked man through the glass. The second masked man swerves to avoid two puppies. The puppies check on the second masked man in the overturned car.

Lit in flashing neon, the dogs smile and bark.

Rating: 3/5

The woman pets her husky dog as she waits in the doctor’s office. He cuddles next to her by the chair and she gives him a hug. He helped save her while she was being robbed. She sat in the corner, crying as the masked man demanded jewelry and cash from her. The husky dog came up to her and licked her cheek. A golden retriever knocked him down. She adopted them both. The husky became her therapy dog. He accompanied her to court and the police station. The golden retriever, though, stays at home to guard the house. She spoils them rotten. They sit with her as she watches television. She feeds them some scraps from the table. She knows she’s safe with them around.

The clerk didn’t care much for dogs. They thought they were messy animals. But two strays heard his screams in the store and came to his defense. He was worried for the dogs as they went after the man with the bats. He shouted to help the dogs and then checked on them after they knocked the men unconscious. As he called 911, he held them in his arms. The police officers offered to take them to the shelter. However, he said he couldn’t do that to them.

The fortysomething man was done with animals. He and his wife were getting older. They wanted to travel and didn’t want to be burdened with a dog. However, he had to have the two puppies who stood by the masked man dead in his car. They wouldn’t allow him near his attacker. He was able to call for help. After giving his report to the police, he found the puppies hiding in a box around the corner and took them home.

Director: N/A Year: 2011

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