Video Review: Lukas Graham “Love Someone”

A young couple stand by the lake, holding hands. They jump in together. Shoes hang on the wall, noting the couple’s name and date of marriage , hang on the wall. A twentysomething woman whispers in her boyfriend’s ear.

A male police officer returns home to his children. Lukas’ fiancée, Marie, puts her arms around him as they take a walk. A fortysomething woman sips coffee at a diner. A second twentysomething woman lies on the grass and pets her dog. A 15-year-old young woman sits next to her best friend by the lockers in the hallway.

Lukas plays with his baby, Viola on the bed. A server talks to the fortysomething woman at the diner. A ten-year-old boy protects his little brother from the water. A father eats dinner with his children. A gay couple hug. A mom and dad watch their kids jump on the bed.

Lukas smiles at his baby while his fiancée holds her. A little holds hand with her grandparents and leans forward to see the swans. A fortysomething woman holds her daughter’s hand as she gets a tattoo. A second twentysomething couple lie on the hammock and fall asleep. A little girl leads her horse out of the stable and gives him a kiss. A fiftysomething woman prays as she walks into the church and prays. A thirtysomething man sits next to a homeless man and gives him some money.

A mother and her young daughter place flowers on a grave. Lukas sits outside and drinks his coffee. He walks back inside to his house.

Rating: 4/5

The twentysomething young woman points to a tulip and says that it would look pretty on her arm. Her mother shakes her head and says she wants a short phrase. The twentysomething young woman flips through the book and finds the fonts. Her mother “oohs” at a classic cursive font. She tells the tattoo artist she would like her phrase in the front. The tattoo artist nods and says give her a minute to prepare. The twentysomething woman asks her mom if she’s ready. Her mom answers she might as well before she loses her nerve.

The fiftysomething woman prays in the church before Mass. God has given her so much. She has a wonderful family with plenty of grandchildren. She was able to support them with a decent job and stay home when needed. She and her husband were fortunate to retire and travel. Prayer guided her as she watched her friends and family members struggle with disease. After her husband’s passing, it was seemed to be all she had.

A dog jumps up on the bed and snuggles next to the twentysomething woman. The dog licks her face and whines for her to pet him. She scratches his ears and tells him he’s a good little boy. She watches television with him and he lays his head on her chest. He leaps off once he hears loud noises. After the show, she calls for him and sees him on the couch. She waves to him and he follows her into the kitchen.

Director: P.R. Brown Year: 2018

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