Video Review: NF “If You Want Love”

In the hospital, a doctor helps a young woman screams as she gives birth. She grips the railing as her husband holds her hand. The doctor delivers the baby girl and puts her in the young woman’s arms.

Her husband carries the baby as they walk back into their house. He takes the blanket off the carrier and they smile at their baby. She hangs a stuffed bear on top of the carrier. Lit in teal, they both get up at night and cradle their baby as she cries. Once she becomes a toddler, the young woman guides her through the house with her hands. Her husband feeds their toddler. The young woman smiles as she sits on the couch, watching her husband play with their daughter.

At sixteen, she kisses her father and says she’ll back be later to her parents. Her father follows her daughter outside and sees her daughter kissing an older guy. He taps on the window and calls out “hey!” She shouts at him and slams the door as she walks back inside. The young woman tells her husband she’ll talk their daughter and walks upstairs.

He smiles at his 30-year-old daughter as he walks down the aisle inside the church. He kisses her daughter on the cheek and grins at his son-in-law. Tears well up in his eyes as he watches his daughter exchange vows and turns to the young woman, now in her 50s.

Back at home, he hugs his son-in-law. His daughter helps the now fiftysomething woman up from the couch. She hands her mother a plate of spaghetti. They catch up at the dinner table. The daughter visit her parents’ graves.

At the hospital, she holds her husband’s hand as she gives birth. Her husband kisses her as she is given the baby. They walk into their home. He places the baby on the table and she hangs the stuffed teddy on top of the carrier.

Rating: 5/5

The stuffed teddy bear is not anywhere in the house. The daughter slams the door and cries in the laundry room. She has no idea what she’s doing. Her mother-in-law cradles her baby and he falls asleep in her arms. Her father-in-law sings to the baby and he gurgles. Her husband is able to feed him without a problem. She holds him and he wails. Her husband tells her she’s a good mother.

Her husband calls out that he checked the playroom and kitchen. She takes a breath and tells him to search under the couch. She wishes her parents were still here. Although she and her father didn’t always see eye-to-eye, he had been right. He had gotten her away from an older boy, who she discovered after high school that he gotten a classmate of hers pregnant and was in jail. Her mother knew the exact words to say to make her feel better.

The dog barges through the door, the stuffed teddy bear in its mouth. She laughs and rubs his head. She calls out to her husband that she found it and walks to the kitchen.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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